Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beginning of the Summer PARTIES!!!

School is out, and summer parties have begun! Woo-Hoo!

Today we headed over to the Stone residence in Woodridge for a House-Warming party. They had some tasty food and plenty of tents. It rained, actually poured, on and off throughout the day, and the Stones were very well prepared. The kids enjoyed the park at the school behind the house and the movies in the basement. Despite the rain, it was a good party and it was wonderful to see so many friends in one place again! Hoping for more of these events throughout the summer.

Playing basketball Katie squeezing Grace
Super cute. She loved eating the mulch and following the big kids around all day.
Catherine and Lauren really liked climbing these ropes over and over again.
I was that parent who encouraged all the kids to go down these steep slides after the rain. Oops! They flew down them and landed in the wood chips...making them all wet and dirty. I was quite proud how brave they were and how well they took getting wet and dirty!
First Katie went...
Next was Catherine
Then Grace
Peter even braved a wet slide with Rowena

Delaney and Lauren played a little kick-ball with Rowena. Delaney was such a good big sister (as usual). She kept trying to help Rowena at the park, and always has her back! Rowe's lucky!
Keegan with her mommy, Robyn
Rowena enjoying a chair...just her size!During the rain, many of the kids hung out in the lower level and watched movies or played "karate show." Don't ask...

Due to our schedule: Peter and I working on Saturday, and Rowena's nap, we got to the party later than we had hoped (around 5) and due to the girls getting a little tired (Rowena), we left earlier than we would've liked (around 7:30). The Bags Tourney was actually just getting started, but we needed to get our wet, worn-out ladies home for some R&R.

The Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, we had several parties to attend. A dear friend, Suzzi, and her husband, Nick just adopted a daughter, Brin and were having an open house. Sadly, I was sick, and didn't want to give week-old Brin ANY germs!!! We also had Danny Mac's 6th birthday party and Ashley's (my friend from GSU) graduation party. So...first off to Danny's Harry Potter Party...
Awesome cupcakes made by Momma Mac
Playing "Pin the Lightening Bolt on Harry Potter." Here's Dolly helping Delaney
Oops...she got his chin! Katie's turn...she got the cardboard, I think.
Hanging out for the magic show.
Harry Potter: Katie style
Trying (nervously) Pop Rocks for the first time. The kids were SO scared when us parents described their awesomeness!
Rowena...always enjoying the seating options at parties

Danny had a great party and received many awesome gifts! The weather was amazingly hot, sunny, and humid.

Looking forward to many more get-togethers with our friends this summer. we come!!!

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