Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Lake Beach

On Sunday we went up north to visit Grandpa and Paula. The forecast wasn't looking too good, but we kept our date. It ended up being a perfect day. It was overcast and cloudy when we were at the beach and no one was there. The girls had a blast. Delaney was a fish and went pretty deep and swam like crazy! Katie was a bit braver than the last couple times...and went in fairly deep. She enjoyed swimming on Daddy. Rowe spent most of her time at the shore...with a blue frisbie and blue shovel. She had a great time just hanging out. We did get her in the water and she enjoyed that too...along with a raft ride, despite rolling off and going completely under.

After rolling off the raft...
She got right back on--what a champ!
After the beach we all rinsed off and had a picnic at Grandpa and Paula's. They made some great burgers and hotdogs, and the watermelon and chips were great sides. After a while, we got back in our swimsuits and decided to go on the boat. Delaney and Katie took turns driving with Grandpa. We also stopped for a swim. Delaney jumped right off, Katie needed Daddy's help, and Rowena...well, she tried to walk off the edge of the boat SEVERAL times! Finally Daddy took her in for some swimming. Then we headed back to the house and back to the beach for a bit before heading home.

Turned out to be a GREAT day! So glad we didn't cancel!

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