Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh My! Never Would I Expect This!!!

Peter started blogging! No sh*t! I came home one day to see blogger open to what looked like a new posting. And, sure enough, it was. Come to find out...Peter decided to start blogging. I am SO proud! His blog is, of course, about movies (what else would it be about). He was starting to get frustrated with evite and the fact that so many of the guys that do "Guys' Movie Night" don't even receive the email, that he decided to go the blogging route. This way he can write a bit more about the movies, have polls, get comments, etc. I think it's great!!! Well done, Peter!

Let's just hope he doesn't become as addicted as I am...

There is a link to his blog to the right, under "Favorite Web Links."

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