Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never Say Never...

...Or you might just eat your words!

A few posts down I mentioned how our kids will "always attend public schools." And, yes, while technically I didn't say "never" it can be taken that in a way I also said "our kids will never attend private schools." Okay. So, that might not be true. However, Peter and I did research before moving back to Illinois on schools and where we want to move...and decided that Plainfield fit so many things we hold dear (school district wise). And, since Peter and I are not religious, and most private schools have a religious affliation, the likelihood of us enrolling any or all of our children is pretty low. However, I guess it is a possibility.

When this was brought to my attention, I began to think of the many (yes, many) things I or we said we would "never" or "always" do. Here is a list of a few:
1. Our parents will always live at least 45 minutes away--that changed in November 2009 when my parents moved just 10 minutes from us (a move that Pete and I both welcomed).
2. We will never use cloth diapers--something we started over a month ago and have been doing so exclusively except nighttime.
3. We will never be "granola"--and while that hasn't changed per se, we are doing things a little "greener." We are using cloth diapers, have begun to use our compost (thanks, Dan), and want to use a rain barrel (although we are using a drain for our sump pump to water our garden, and it's been great!).
4.  We will never own a gun (but something happened almost 7 years ago that had us rethink our safety).
5.  We will always park in our garage/never use it for storage...We've been parking in our driveway for two years now!

I can't think of anymore at this time, but am sure there are MANY more! (No need for reminders, please).

We all say "I never" or "I will always" and I really think that drastic of a comment needs to be taken with a grain of salt. At the time, a person's intention is true to what he/she says, but times and people change. So, just as you may have once said "I'll never" or "I will always" and meant it at the time, so have others.

Some that Peter and I still hold true to:
1. We will always be liberal in our thought process, in our ideas, values, and beliefs.
2. We will raise our children with morals but without religion.
...I'm sure there are others, but can't think of them right now.  And, no, I do not need you to remind me, thank you!

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Nichole said...

Ha! I will ALWAYS be your friend. I love that you and I do a lot of things differently but always learn from each other. You've been a great advisor and cheerleader as I navigate motherhood.