Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Full Stash

Okay, so I'm SERIOUSLY done buying cloth diapers! I swear...I hope...

We have plenty of diapers for Rowena at this point. From left to right (top to bottom) we have: four BumGenius AIOs, two Thirsties Duo Covers, one (free) FuzziBunz pocket, three GroBaby Hybrids, and 7 BumGenius 3.0s (pockets). Then we have our hanging wetbag, 12 Green Mountain Diapers bleached prefolds, 12 fleece liners, and our travel wetbag.

I love our stash, but sadly just keep wanting to buy--which REALLY defeats the purpose! I think we have enough to go without washing every three days. The only problem is the AIOs need to be line-dried and take FOREVER to dry (due to all the layers). Not sure I'll like them very much, as the pockets are so easy to stuff and care for and dry overnight. And, while we do have enough...I really, REALLY want this diaper: This is a little tricky to get because it's only on sale for at a certain time and a LOT of people want it. So, next Thursday, I will be online, ready for purchase. I just LOVE the 4th of July and think this would be absolutely adorable on Rowe's bum!!!

When at home, I tend to use the prefolds and thirsties covers. When out-and-about, or when Rowena is with Poppy, I pack up the pockets. Peter has only used the pockets so far, but I think he'll use all of them, I just have to show him. He even washed them yesterday! WooHoo!

We still have about 80 disposables, but we'll use those here and there, or when travelling. Other than that, I think we are completely converted to cloth. Thank you, Nichole, for all of the help and advice you've given me through this switch. I'm super happy (as she knows--it's all I talk about with her...ahahaha).

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