Saturday, June 26, 2010


So, blogger has changed its way in which you can upload pictures to your blog. While I understand change is good and the changes that have been made make Blogger more mainstream and updated, I cannot get pictures from my computer to load up. It's frustrating! I wanted to post pictures from the zoo on Thursday and tomorrow we're going to Craig and Paula's and there are always tons of pictures from the beach, boat, and picnic to share with you. So, sorry for the delay in posting, but that is why...I can't figure this out and it's very frustrating! :(


Marcia said...

Hi Amy! I am updating my blog and you mentioned the change in uploading pics. Mine is still the same terrible way. I can only upload 4 or 5 at a time and it takes FOREVER! actually it is my main frustration and is why I don't blog more. Am I missing something??? Something better????

Amy said...

Mine has always been that way--only able to upload 5 pics at a time, and it seems to take forever. And, sometimes they just won't upload, and I have to restart the process! :( I get frustrated, but loving blogging too much to not (blog). ahahhaha. The change is only (for some strange reason) every once in a while. And, it only allows me to use pics from the internet, blog, or web albums I can't access. And, like I want to upload pics I already used on the blog! Thankfully it's not always like that!