Thursday, June 10, 2010

Representative Tom Cross: Family Fair

Tom Cross, Illinois State Representative, has an annual or bi-annual fair for kids and families. This year it was hosted at Heritage Grove Middle School. DanceQuest was asked to perform, and Miss Emily chose several dances/classes that represented the variety of classes DQ offers. Delaney's Jazz Class was one that she chose. They closed out the show and did so well. I think it really got the girls excited for their upcoming recital. Everyone cheered them on, clapping to the music. Grammie, Katie, and I were there to support Delaney, while Daddy had to work and Poppy hung out with Rowena. The girls enjoyed the free juice and popcorn--especially Katie. There were also free giveaways such as plastic firemen's hats, coloring books, bookmarks, etc. The girls also enjoyed a new book, thanks to Grammie. Delaney got a chapter book from a local author, and Katie got a wedding sticker book. The Plainfield Police were also there and did a great demonstration on their police dog. And, Edwards Hospital lured in attention with the many dogs they brought. That was Delaney's favorite place to hang out. Oh, and I have to was a little weird and yet neat to see Delaney hanging out with her friends versus hanging by my side. She really is growing up. I was especially proud when Delaney called Kate over to sit with her group.
R-O-C-K in the U.S.A.

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