Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swimming at Grammie and Poppy's

On the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, the girls swam with Grammie and Uncle Brian in the pool at the clubhouse. The girls had a blast. Because of Rowena's reaction to the pool at the hotel (she was not a fan), I didn't even bring her swimsuit. Well...we have another fish! She was in the pool for quite a bit--in clothes. Poppy and I didn't venture in, as we were both very sick with horrible sinus infections (which today we are both still fighting off!).

Grammie and Poppy have since purchases towels, floaties, noodles, water guns, kick boards, and some other toys. Too bad it's been raining almost every day since! No's only the beginning of the summer. This pool is really nice too: 3' on both ends and 4' in the middle, not too deep.

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pool toys said...

They all look like they were having so much fun! Time to invest in a bunch of pool toys