Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taste of Joliet

Late this afternoon/early evening we ventured to the Taste of Joliet. It really is not comparable to the Taste of Chicago, so I won't even go there. First, you have to pay (ugh) to get in. Thankfully all the girls were free, as it cost Peter and I $20 to get in (total). Once inside the girls were in heaven and beyond excited; there were carnival rides. We only got about 22 tickets--whatever cash Peter had on it. And it (sadly) allowed the girls to only go on 3 rides each. :( But, they didn't really complain. They were more upset they weren't tall enough to go on the real, fun rides (48"). Rowena was sooo good just sweating in her stroller. I was constantly wiping sweat beads off her cute little nose, and pushing her wet hair off her neck and forehead. She wasn't whiny or anything and never tried getting out of her stroller. She just was taking it all in.
Delaney and Katie were so excited all day to go to the "festival." They behaved very well, waited their turn, paid attention, and stayed with us.
This was their second ride. They really liked it, but I think after a while they were both a little bored. I'm sad they couldn't go on some of the other rides. Maybe in a couple years. Katie has 6" more to go.
For their last ride they both really wanted to go on this--the swings. I was nervous, as was Peter a little, in that they go pretty high and a little fast. We weren't sure if they would be okay with the height or combo with the speed. They LOVED it. It was so fun to watch them, as they screamed and laughed!
After the rides, we went on back to where the food is. The $6 later--we had three ears of corn. Too bad Katie has TWO loose teeth and couldn't eat it. So we wondered around for a bit. The girls discovered free jumping houses, so we were able to spend another hour in the food area with the girls entertained. Rowe tried one, but freaked out and got out right away. Pete tried a porkchop on a stick and was disappointed. Delaney got some pizza and barely ate anything. We all shared a funnel cake and a very tasty $5 lemonade. So, about $60 and 2-3 hours later, we headed home. Damn! Having family festival fun is expensive! But, we rarely do stuff like that and we had a GREAT time!


ConnieK said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to let you know that you won the Blog Makeover Giveaway over on my blog!!!

Danuszka said...

Impressive that you went to this after we were total pigs at Ovengrinders! hahah

I loved all the bags we walked out with too!

Amy said...

ahaha-Donna...keep in mind the only thing I ate was corn on the cob. I couldn't pass that up! Oh, and I had lemonade. There was NO way I could eat after what we had and took home with us! ahahah. I want another one of their ovengrinders. YUMMY!