Friday, June 11, 2010

I Cannot Believe She Said That!

Today we spent most of our day at Plainfield North High School for the girls' dance recital dress rehearsal. We got there around 12:45...girls had their hair and make-up done and were great about getting dressed quickly. The rest of the day was long, and at times fun while other times boring. We all left exhausted and hungry. Well about 3 1/2 hours into our day there, Kate has to use the restroom. I am still leary of the girls using public restrooms alone--partly because of the whole strangers thing but also because they're (the bathrooms) are so gross, I want to make sure the girls wipe the seat off and wash their hands. So, I decided to use the restroom too at the same time as Katie. She wanted to go alone, but soon she stated the following:

"I guess I am going to need your help mom, I just dropped a deuce."

A lady two stalls away just started cracking up. Thanks, Peter!

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