Monday, April 16, 2012


The girls were told to get in their pajamas, and then head to our bed for a movie night.  About twenty minutes later, I went upstairs to see what movie they picked and if they wanted any snacks.  This is what I found...

Our bookworms.  They love to read.  There are some weeks where Delaney will read 4-5 books.  In fact, just a week ago, in less than two days, she read three (chapter) books.

I've heard some comments my way as to how I should limit the girls in their TV watching or video game playing.  You know what we've discovered?  If we don't limit them, they limit themselves.  They will get tired of playing video games or watching TV and do something different.  They will play outside for hours one day and have a movie marathon the next.  Our kids are very well balanced.  They enjoy SO many different things: toys, books, TV, video games, running, sports, playing pretend, dancing, singing, and being silly.  I'm so glad my kids are well-rounded and balanced in their interests, activities, and personalities.  And, it's all on their own, with a little help of their parents, family members, and friends constantly introducing them to new things.
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