Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday: Dance, Park, and Eggs

We started Tuesday with Rowena's dance class.  Afterwards, we met the Salkas family at a local park (aka "the blue park").

Then, after Katie's dance class, dinner at Grammie & Poppy's, and Delaney's dance class, it was time for DYING EGGS!

We tried something new this year: KOOLAID!  It worked SOOOOO well,
and smelled very sweet and tasty.

We also tried glitter using glue dots, but
I think the dots I purchased were just too small. :(

The finished eggs: Delaney's, Katie's, and Rowe's. 
Next year, Charlie will join in on the festivities!

The girls finished their day with a movie in our bed, while Peter and I caught up on a couple shows.  It was a very busy, fun-filled day.
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