Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Friday!

We celebrated Easter with Grammie & Poppy on Good Friday this year.  We had a very fun-filled day.  Sadly, Daddy was working, and he didn't make it until dinner time (at which time, I was pretty pictured-out--as I had taken over 200 that day already), so I have no pictures of him celebrating with us.
Friday began with dressing the kids up and trying to take pictures...

Obviously that didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Oh well...maybe next year, or maybe in a couple weeks.
Then it was off to Grammie & Poppy's.

After hanging out for a while, it was EASTER EGG HUNT TIME!
Watching the eggs being released...

And, they're off!

Charlie was all excited, but then was told to stop...he obviously didn't like that.  But, the girls were really excited to see the surprise guests: Auntie Jo and Uncle Jimmy from the UP.

And, they're off AGAIN!

 The girls decided to help Isabel...
 While Charlie decided to steal and run!
Opening up their eggs...

Charlie had no interest in opening his, but he did enjoy watching the girls with theirs.
All the kids got these super cute shirts:

Enjoying their really cool Easter gifts:
EVERYONE tried it and had fun (except Grammie).

These plasma cars are AWESOME!  I play on them all the time!

Here's the food!  YUM!  Tuna dip, Chicken enchilada dip, baked potato dip, lemon brownies, and taffy apple grapes.  We also had pizza for dinner.

 The girls showed their love for Aunt Leann throughout the day...

What a wonderful Easter celebration with the Kridners.
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