Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weight Loss-Getting Healthy Challenge

My brother, Brian, decided that he wanted to get healthy this year and had a Race to 200 challenge with a co-worker.  Brian lost over 50 pounds in three months, beat his co-worker to 200 lbs (and then some), and is looking and feeling GREAT!  This has inspired me...I've been trying to get motivated to lose weight and get healthier, but had horrible follow-through.  I tried doing a challenge with a friend who also wants to lose weight, who wasn't up for it.  I tried tracking calories and increasing exercise, but that didn't last.  Well, 2 weeks ago, a good friend of mine and I were complaining about how "fat" we are.  I use that term loosely, as neither of us are fat, or over-weight, but neither are where we want to be.  Our size (in clothing) is higher than we want, and our weight is also higher than we would like.  So, I mentioned to her about Brian's experience, and she was in.  WOOHOO!

We gave ourselves a date, otherwise it would take forever.  We have three months.  We began on April 10th and we end on July 10th (both happen to be Tuesdays).  We weigh-in every Tuesday morning and report to one another.  Both have goals of losing 25 lbs.

So, we're chatting every day, or close to that, about how we're doing, what's working well, what we need to improve on, etc.  We are finding tips and gimmicks online and on pinterest that we're trying together.  The first week we didn't do anything gimmicky, and both lost 1 lb.  This past week, we tried Jillian Michaels Lose up to 5 lbs in 7 days (found via Pinterest).  I lost 3.5 and she lost 4.  This week we're trying Sassy water (found via Pinterest) and throwing in a 2-week workout.  The cardio might be difficult for me to find time for, seeing as PJ and I have opposite schedules, but I will try my hardest. 

Oh, and the loser...has to sing karoake!  YIKES!!!  Anyone who knows me, knows I am TERRIBLE at this and fear it.  Sadly, I think Heather will win, but if we both get close, we still win, right? 

Good luck, Heather.  I love having you as my Challenge-Partner, and am so grateful that we are trying the same things and helping each other out to be as successful as we can!  I'll keep you guys updated every week or two on how both of us are doing.
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Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, a worthy opponent! We can do this, yes we can, my boyfriend and commander-in-chief said so.

Brian said...

Kick ass ladies! It becomes easier as you go, and you look forward to the fun workouts. I'm riding my bike 50 miles today and I can't wait!