Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a very low-key but FUN Easter Sunday this year.  Since we celebrated with Grammie &Poppy on Friday, and last night we had a lot of fun with the Salkas Family, we laid pretty low today.  We did go to G&P's for a ham lunch, but were probably only there for a few hours.  We spent most of the day outside enjoying what the Easter Bunny brought the kids.

BIG Easter for the kids this year!
The usual, traditional Henderson baskets: chocolate bunny, candy galore, kites, and movies
Roller skates for Delaney and Katie
A bike for Rowena
And, a COOL water table for Charlie...

Happy Easter, Katie! Come on, Katie! Wake up!  The Easter Bunny came.
Racing for the goodies
Charlie picked out all the good stuff.
Rowe loved  her new Strawberry Shortcake bike.  And, she is AWESOME at peddling!!!  She rides this thing with SPEED!
Henderson girls and their candy...what a yummy breakfast.
Girls LOVE their roller skates
Trying out the new gifts. 

The girls did great on their skates. I was impressed.  Rowe took off like lightening on her bike.  Charlie didn't care about his table, but Rowena and Katie did. aahahha.  Rowena was very excited about flying the kites.  She even taught me how to do it.  She explained it and cheered me on.
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