Monday, April 16, 2012


When Isabel was in town for a weekend with Grammie & Poppy and again for Easter, I found my kids playing with her so much nicer than they sometimes do with each other.  I'm sure this is I know Brian and I used to fight really nasty, and Wesley, well, he was my student and play pretend partner (I wish I knew where the pictures of him in make up and leotards are). 

Katie would just play with Izzy; being silly with her, making faces, singing, etc. Rowe did the same things, and while she only allows Charlie to have one toy at a time, she made sure Isabel was surrounded by every toy possible.

When we went to the park a few weeks ago, I was reminded that they are kind, and fun, and wonderful to one another.  They play together all the time, share things, do acts of kindness that tend to go unrecognized.  They are loving and thoughtful and get along probably 97% of the time.  Their fights are very short, which is wonderful.  And, when asked if they wanted their own rooms, both Delaney and Kate said "NO!"  How awesome is that?!

Here are some photos of the kids being sweet with each other at the park...
After Rowe was helped by Delaney, she wanted to pay-it-forward with Charlie...

I don't think I realize how lucky we are that our kids love each other so much and are one another's best friend.
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That is so sweet!