Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We stayed home for spring break this year.  In fact, we always do.  ahahaha.  But, I thought I'd share what we did with the time home...

According to Delaney and Katie, spring break began on Friday night...
Katie had her first practice, and then the kids spent the night at Grammie and Poppy's house while Peter and I went to see Hunger Games (FINALLY).

I worked and the kids had a day with Daddy. I didn't feel good, so I didn't get anything done and went to bed early.

I spent the day grocery shopping and cooking (just check out my dad's birthday post).  Peter helped the girls clean their bedroom...MUCH needed and truly appreciated by me!  We had Grammie & Poppy over for dinner and cake.

Kids were with Poppy for the day while Peter and I worked.  Then both Delaney and Katie had practice for their sports.

Dance, Dance, and more Dance.  Throw in a fun stop at the park with friends, a nice lunch, time outside, dying Easter eggs, and a movie night, and I'd call that a day.

Zoo!  With a few friends, practice for Delaney, and a sleepover for Delaney. Kate was supposed to have one too, but both her and the friend hadn't been behaving well lately, and add them together, it may have been uber disaster for the mom!

Another day with Poppy while Mom and Daddy work.

Easter Egg hunt, fun at Grammie & Poppy's, time with family, and celebrating Easter.
I worked in the morning, and then we had a cookout with the Salkas Family.

EASTER! We spent our time between outside, Grammie & Poppy's, and inside getting ready for school with baths and relaxing with a movie.

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