Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun at Practice

Well the practices for the girls' spring sports have begun.  All three have been in dance since January; Delaney and Katie since October.  About a month ago, Delaney's softball practices began, and three weeks ago, Kate began soccer.  Delaney began softball late, as I had no idea registration was in January, so her team was already formed and practicing when she joined.  She is SO great about new social situations.  It's wonderful.  She went, didn't know anyone, and just started practicing and socializing with her teammates.  I'm so proud of her.  She's so easy going and laid back when it comes to that sort of thing.  I'm also proud at how much she's trying and her determination.  She doesn't seem to get embarrassed if she misses a catch or gets a strike; she just wants to learn and master it so bad, she's okay with the time that it takes.

Even the siblings have enjoyed Delaney's practices.  I love the park being right there, but HATE the sand!

Katie has been very fortunate.  Again, I was late in registering her (go figure, right?).  Anyway...her BFF, Cassie, joined soccer and her dad was contemplating becoming a coach.  The park district told Jeff that if he was willing to coach, that Cassie could have a friend join.  How awesome is that?! So, not only was Katie allowed to register after it was full, but she's also on her best friend's team.  She's had a few practices so far and she seems to really enjoy it.

The siblings have had fun at Katie's practices too, albeit it's been cold.

Now...we just need to practice with them both on our downtime, between practices, dance classes, girl scouts, work, school, and homework.  Phew...I'm tired!
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