Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are You Kidding Me!?

So, I went into work for a few hours because Peter had the day off of work and it's rare for me to get work done at home. So, I go in, get settled, make my lunch, get my paperwork all ready and am about to start when "ring, ring"...my cell phone goes off. It's Peter telling me he needs me home...OUR BASEMENT IS FLOODING! Damnit! Again? So, around this time of year, when I'm about 20 wks pregnant is a bad combo and leads to flooding! ahahaha. If you recall almost 2 years when Texas was hit by Hurricane Ike, Illinois was hit with significant storms (obviously not as bad as the southern states). Our basement flooded twice that year...ruining two sets of carpeting, and I just so happened to be about 16-20 wks pregnant with Rowena at that time. This time we decided to "line dry" our carpet in hopes to salvage it. Too bad it's supposed to rain again, which means it might take a while for our carpet to actually dry. We got all the toys and such onto the upper level of the basement and the carpet is all up, now we're just using fans and our dehumidfier to dry things out. Thankfully one of us was home to catch it in time. Ugh...makes me nervous to ever leave home. I think we'll leave the basement the way it is until after our MI trip this weekend.

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Marcia said...

I was thinking about you! They were talking on WGN this morning about Joliet area getting hit the hardest this time around! Ugg! Sorry! Glad to hear you are trying to dry the carpets though- last week we had bad flooding around here and so many people had rolled up carpets out for the trash... I was hoping there was another answer! Good Luck!!