Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Follow Me Back Tuesday

So, while searching through the various blogs I "follow" there was one on Little Yaya's called Follow Me Back Tuesday. Anyone can join this list, look at the list and all of the many blogs listed, follow which ones you want, etc. I love finding new blogs. While my blog is pretty boring in that I don't do give-aways, write reviews, have "how to's", it is simply about my family and our fun but mundane adventures. I love to follow new blogs all the time...those of friends, strangers, ones that have give-aways, share recipes, etc. This post was perfect for me. I have found many fun blogs to follow, and I've only gotten through about 5-7 of them...and as of right now, there are 222! I'm not "needing" followers, but joined the list (I'm 220 on the list right now). Just a fun way to find new blogs. ENJOY!

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