Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet-and-Greet...Delaney's in First Grade

Monday, August 23rd from about 11-12, Grand Prairie had their Meet-and-Greet for parents, students, and teachers. It's a short slotted time that allows the parents to meet the teacher, and vice-versa, as well as give students a chance to meet their teacher and check out who is in their class. We were also given the opportunity to organize supplies and realize what we forgot, if anything.

Delaney will be in school ALL DAY now--taking a lunch, in first grade, lots of learning, and having homework! Her teacher is Mrs. Lindner and she seems very nice and appropriately energetic (not overwhelming or blaise). We followed the directions and put certain supplies in her desk and the rest in her cubbie.

Delaney wasn't super stoked about having to leave yesterday, as she was enjoying some video game playing time...but, as soon as she put on her backpack, she was ready to go! She has been on cloud nine since! She's very happy that several past classmates are with her again, including Justin, Christopher (the one she's going to be marry from Kindergarten), Alexis, Kristin, and Emily. The first two mentioned she was been with since her first day of preschool!

Outside her new classroom
She has her very own desk...
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