Thursday, August 12, 2010

Four Generations of Stiglich

Delaney, Katie, Mom (Me), Great Aunt Margaret (Ridley), Grammie (Kridner), and Rowena

Although none of those pictured actually use the last name "Stiglich" any more...this is how we are all connected. Here are me and the girls along with my mom and her aunt (my great aunt, etc.) Margaret. Great Aunt Margaret is 98 years old and has to be one of most amazing people! She lives on her own, drives, cooks, walks, etc. She resides in AZ, but travels back up to L'Anse, MI every summer and stays in my grandpa's old home. Before we came she made pasties for everyone...homemade crusts and all! She knows how to host...and for about 20 people! I'm sad I didn't get to visit with her as much as I wanted, but I think she enjoyed the huge crowd around--too bad it wasn't spaced out a little better and she'd have company more often. We had a great visit in the U.P. and it was wonderful to see Great Aunt Margaret again, as it has been quite a while!


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