Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Delaney and Katie had their first day of school today. Milestones for each...Delaney going all day long and bringing a lunch and Katie off to Kindergarten!

I was so excited to pack a lunch for Delaney today. She had gatorade (orange), fruit-by-the-foot, strawberry yogurt, and ham/turkey/cheese sammie. All in her Yoshi lunchbox with a special note from her Mommy. She came home with 3/4 gatorade, note, spoon, and 1/2 sammie left. Rowe had no idea that she'd have several hours with just Mommy--to run errands and go to our first Meet-Up with the Mom's Group I joined over the weekend. She enjoyed honeycomb cereal and a toaster strudel for breakfast.
Katie also enjoyed both cereal and a toaster strudel for her breakfast before her first day of school.
Delaney was fine with just a toaster strudel.
A picture every parent should take...FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for KINDERGARTEN
Delaney and Kate...all ready for the first day of the 2010-2011 school year.
The bus stop gang: Julia (4th grade), Riley (5th grade), Spencer (2nd grade), Delaney (1st grade), and Katie (Kindergarten).

<---Katie and I kinda matched...and I swear it was not on purpose!

Rowena loves to make her funny faces--->

WooHoo! The bus is here! Everyone lined up, all ready to go. Katie actually screamed in delight!
Getting on the bus...
After the girls got on the bus, Rowena and I went to Michaels and then to the local public library where we met up with three other moms and four other kids to go on a fitness walk at the forest preserve. I had a great time and am glad to have met more moms in the area. We came back to wait for Kate to get off the bus...while waiting (forever, I might add) we enjoyed a popsicle and hanging outside with Daddy.
Katie was excited to get off the bus! She looked a little lost a first, but saw Rowe and I in the street to greet her and was very excited. Keep in mind...she was on the bus for 50 minutes!!!

Katie told us she had gym and Mr. Dean allowed her to participate despite her very beautiful shoes! I forgot to look to see what day she had gym. They played a fun game in gym where they had to glue their legs together (pretend, of course) and jump. And, they played a "freeze" game in class where they would walk around and then "freeze" when Mrs. Woodin would ring the bell.
Delaney, Spencer, and Julia ran off the bus around 4pm, very happy to be home, while their greeters screamed and yelled: Katie, Gwen, and Rowena. When the kids got home, they all announced they didn't have homework, so they hung outside together for a while and had popsicles.
Delaney then told us about her day. She had music today, which she loved. And she said with SUCH enthusiasm: "I love Mrs. Lindner, she is so nice." She ate her whole morning snack-which was string cheese and craisins, and 1/2 of her water bottle was empty. She is happy with those in her class, sat with a 4th grader named Paige on the bus, and had the coolest lunch box at school.
I'm so glad they had a great first day! Now...onto a great year!
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Steph S. said...

cute kids! Your girls looked so adorable for their first day! And what better way to kick it off than with a Toaster Strudel... YUM! I loved those so much when i was a kid - still do! Strawberry/cream cheese is my FAVE!

BottledBeauty said...

Love that you put a note in the lunchbox! I look forward to doing that someday. I actually get anxiety thinking about my daughter started kinder in 2 years! But your girls looked like they enjoyed it.

Amy said...

Thanks! :) I put a note in her lunch box every day. Both girls love school.
Steph-we have to limit them on Toaster Strudel...only every other day.

Jessica J said...

I love all the pictures! Looks like a great first day!