Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Can't Believe We Missed Her Wedding!

Not only did we miss it, but apparently, we weren't even invited!

Yeah, I'm talking about Katie. Yesterday was super hot, so the neighbors came over for a while and played in the basement, then they decided to all play in the neighbors' pool. Then Delaney and Kate came in to get dressed, and Katie was adamant to get in her Giselle dress. They were playing outside for a little, but then were in the neighbors for a few hours. I go over to get them because it was dinner time and Dawn proceeds to tell me that there was a wedding. I asked for who, and the kids responded in a "Duh" manner..."Spencer and Katie." Dawn's response was "And I guess I wasn't even invited." To which Spencer says: "Mom, you were at the store, what did you expect us to do?"

So, we go home and start to have dinner and I ask Katie to share with Daddy her news for the day, to which she says, "What, that I got married?" That's got married, no big deal. So, we ask our 5-year-old questions about the wedding and she tell us the following:
  • it was on Spencer's deck
  • they danced
  • they kissed (and Delaney added "ON THE LIPS")

All summer Katie has talked about how she was going to marry Spencer...I guess she was right, and determined. When the girls were leaving the neighbors house, Spencer actually grabbed Katie and kissed her twice, to which Katie responds when he walks away, "Oh, Spencer, wait, I need a kiss" and he stops to allow her to give him a kiss.

I think it's time that Dawn and I stop this??? Or, is it just cute, young, innocent love?

Oh, and one more "Spencer" thing...Katie is really pushing for us to name this baby "Spencer" if it's a boy because "It's the most handsome boy's name ever." OH BOY!

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Marnie said...

What no wedding pictures either?

BottledBeauty said...

Your kids have a good imagination! How dare they not invite their mama,haha

Busy Working Mama said...

Oh dear. Shame on you for missing that!