Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Trip to the U.P. (L'Anse, MI)

Last weekend we drove up to the UP of MI--L'Anse, to be exact. The drive is about 8 hours, but took us 9 with a 45 minute lunch/picnic stop, 2 bathroom breaks and one gas fill-up. We were heading up that way because my Great Aunt Margaret travels from AZ to L'Anse in the summers, and since there's no way we'll be heading up for Thanksgiving this year (only a few weeks before Goy's due date) we decided to head up this summer (we also went last summer).

We stayed at my Grandpa's old home, with Great Aunt Margaret, my parents, and my Uncle Raymond. Down the road lives my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Joanne, and my cousin Katie, Jeff, and their son Jackson and my cousin David stayed there. My Aunt Denise, Uncle Jim, and their granddaughter, Natalia stayed at a hotel in the next town. There were quite a few people there, but we really missed Wesley and Leann (who, by the way, we hope is feeling better).

On the way up we stopped about 20 miles south of Green Bay (ew) for a picnic lunch at a nice rest area. They had a trail for dogs, so Riggs was able to go for a walk before we had lunch. The girls sat and ate well and ran around, went to the bathroom, and were able to stretch their legs--Green Bay is about 1/2 way.
Ah, L'Anse, MI...The Village By The Bay
My Grandpa's 4 bedroom home (which he built). It's right on a nice creek, which the girls LOVED! And, there's a very small river about 1/2 way between this house and my Uncle Jimmy/Aunt Joanne's home. The girls liked that too.
Within seconds of us parking the car, the girls were in the creek. And man, oh, man was that water cold. The next morning it was so cold it actually burned! That, of course, did not stop our girls!
Everyone enjoying Great Aunt Margaret's homemade pasties.
Rowe almost ate a whole one by herself (and keep in mind they're pretty big and very filling). My favorite was Aunt Margaret's cabbage slaw! YUM!
Kisses from Rowena to Great Aunt Margaret
We walked to Jimmy and Joanne's for the bonfire. And, surprisingly delicious s'mores. Katie (my cousin) purchased plain, strawberry, and coconut marshmellows along with graham crackers and dark chocolate. I usually cannot stand s'mores, but LOVED the combo of dark chocolate and coconut. I think I had three throughout the two bonfires. Katie loved the strawberry marshmellows, not cooked, Rowena loves them all (not cooked), and Delaney ate just about anything.
Rowena kept laying down in the middle of the road...real safe, right?
Fire time! Riggs was pretty relaxed the first night, after getting in a lot of running and swimming time with Zoe.
Aunt Joanne raced the girls to the back to her raspberries, and they all ended up picking every single ripe one really fast!

Now THAT is a S'more-cooking-stick!
Rowe loved the fountain!
She even started drinking from it...
Delaney had a blast with Jackson...especially rolling down this little hill and getting very dirty
Katie was exhausted after the long car ride, playing in the creek, and having a fun bonfire.
Ah! The next morning, Rowena, Katie, Riggs, and I went on a walk before breakfast
Rowena...sharing her chocolate pancake balls with her dolly
And, back in the burn our feet in the freezing cold water

The girls and Peter then did some Frog hunting...and they got one. They named him "Naveen"
But, sadly he ended up escaping...Delaney was REALLY hoping we'd let her take him home for a pet.
Katie and Delaney rode with David in the Rhino down to Jimmy and Joanne's.Delaney got David GOOD!
After a while at Jimmy and Joanne's, we headed to Downtown L'Anse and to the park.
Then it was back to Jimmy and Joanne's for some pool fun
And to the river
Riggs was BEAT by 1/2 way through Saturday!!!
Jackson's expression to pulling two women around is priceless!!!
Rowena loved this rocking horse...
Jeff made some GREAT fries! YUM!!!David and Jackson
Delaney and Katie helped with some table setting
Delaney really loved hanging out with Jackson.
The kids kept interrupting Peter and Jeff attempting to play!
The kids also spent quite a bit of time in the big dirt pile...shovelling, raking, and digging
Delaney and Jackson had fun pushing Rowena in her stroller
Peter pointing out stars to Rowzo
GIANT cinnamon rolls from HillTop in L'Anse. One of these will easily feed a family of five for breakfast.The girls with Great-Great Aunt Margaret
Katie saying "GOOD BYE" to one of her fave people, JeffWe had a GREAT time, but did so much in such a short amount of time, that Peter and I knew we needed a full day at home to rest and recoup before heading into our normal routine, and my Defense!
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Uncle Wesley & Aunt Leann said...

Pictures are great, it looks like you guys had a blast up there. We really missed being up there with everyone but we'll see you guys soon!