Thursday, August 5, 2010

Missing Sisters

Over the past 7 days or so, Delaney or Katie have been visiting their Nana in Iowa. Delaney went from Friday to Monday and Kate was there from Monday to last night. Both girls had a blast; doing fun and different things with Nana and spending some really quality one-to-one time together.

While one or the other was gone, the other (not including Rowena) went on a special Daddy-Daughter date to Chuckee Cheese for some fun game-playing and just time with their Daddy. While with Nana they were able to go to parks, meet new friends, go swimming, go to miniature golf, shop for some school clothes, go out to eat, and play with Nana.

Rowena definitely missed her sisters. They each have their own PBK chair; each a different color and with their name embroidered. Rowena went to whomever's was gone and would pat on the seat and attempt to say their name. She really missed "Naynee" and "Kee." Although she was asleep by the time Katie returned home last night, she'll be super excited to see her this morning.

Delaney could not wait to see Kate last night. As soon as we got home from a long day at Grammie and Poppy's (I had class ALL day yesterday), Delaney continually asked me "Now how much longer?" She ran to the car screaming "Oh My Gosh, KATIE!" when Peter pulled into the driveway. I thought Kate would throw Peter's dvd player, but happy she didn't. The girls were so sweet and cute togehter...I wish it was on video. They were so giving and caring and couldn't stop talking. Katie didn't get home until after 8:30 and the girls couldn't settle down until after 10! They were busy playing, sharing, talking, and just reconnecting. These two are almost like a security blanket for one another (but in a positive way). If you think about it, they have been together almost non-stop since Katie was born and Delaney was just 19 months old. They have very little experience apart from one another; they share a room, toys, clothes, and friends. So, if you think about it, they only saw each other for lunch on Monday from Friday morning to Wednesday night. It's a long time when you're 5 or 6. It was like they were best friends (which they are) who hadn't seen one another in years and they were catching up--it was truly precious. They were both talking so fast, interrupting one another out of excitment, and trying to get in a week's worth of news and gossip in within seconds.

Glad to have my family all home, but so grateful their Nana likes to spend special one-to-one time with them and provide such amazing memories and fun times, as well as give them the experience of leaving home alone for a few days.
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