Monday, August 9, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...

We were in L'Anse, MI this past weekend and, of course, I was busy snapping pictures of just about everything happening--usually focusing on my own children. While snapping away, my aunt asked me: "About how many pictures do you take?" This got me thinking...I almost ALWAYS have my camera with me, ready at a moment's notice to capture a fun, amazing, or crazy moment my kids are experiencing. Well, I checked and since Delaney was born more than six and a half years ago, I have taken no less than 250 pictures a month...yet I tend to average about 400 a month.

Thank the engineers for developing digital cameras, otherwise we'd be broke or I couldn't capture all of these fun, amazing moments!
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Anonymous said...

so where are all these L'Anse pictures?