Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kindergarten Round-Up

Last night, at 6pm, Katie and I headed over to her new school. The night is set up for the parents and children to meet the teacher and see the classroom, as well as get some information and drop off school supplies.

After dinner, Katie and I were off to begin her new adventure. I swear her backpack seems bigger than she is!
Outside her classroom. Teacher: Mrs. Woodin. And, she knows some kids from her preschool too, which is nice. One girl, Claire, has been with her since their first day at Kids' Connection (I believe there's a picture of them together from KC's graduation).
A little welcome gift bag...with a pencil, bookmark, some candy, and button that says: "I belong to Mrs. Woodin."
Katie and Claire coloring.
We checked out her cubby and dropped off her school supplies. I also signed up to help with classroom parties (as much as I will be able to), and got a packet full of info that I'm just starting to read (I feel bad--today Katie had gym, but did not have on her proper gym shoes...Oops!). Since grad school is over, I think I will try to help out Katie's teacher with getting activities ready at home--something I am sad to say I did not do last year.
It was a bit overwhelming last night...so many children, even more parents, some siblings, and no air conditioning. I'm not sure how Kate processed all of it, but she was ready to go home by 6:30, but said she is very excited to go to school there, despite the disappointment in lack of toys!
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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Cute! I bought the monkey border and birthday chart that matches the welcome sign outside your daughters room.