Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jumping Jacks At The Splash Pad

I finally did it...finally joined a Mom's Club/Group. It's the Jumping Jacks of Joliet & Plainfield. I went to my first meet-up last week for a walk at the local forest preserve and today we ventured to the Bolingbrook Splash Pad. What I like about this group...lots of different activities to choose from throughout the week, most activities are free, it's fairly small (about 20 moms), there are always at least 2-5 activities throughout the week to attend, there are no requirements (i.e. must attend weekly, or must host monthly, etc.), and the best part...the moms! They seem very laid back and easy going, which is something I love.

Here are pictures of Rowena enjoying her morning at the Splash Pad. After this we went shopping to get free stuff for which I had coupons, then I was thinking of picking up some food, as I was starving, but decided to save money and go home to eat. Rowe fell asleep while "shopping" and transfered to the car and then to her bed without waking up at all.

Some of the other events for the week...a fitness walk tonight, Lapsit at the library on Thursday, playdate at the mall on Friday, and the Riverwalk. Next week there are several things already planned as well...playdate at one of the homes, a Family Community Day of Play, and a Book Club. So far I've met about 4 of the Moms and really like them!

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

I'd love to find a moms group here BUT... the ones I seem to find involve stay home moms whose hubbies make lots of money and allow them to spend, spend, spend all day long... I sooo do not have that lifestyle and find it hard to "fit in" to a group.

Amy said...

Noelle--that's what I like about this mom's group. THere are no requirements (i.e. only SAHMs, must be this religion, etc.) and it doesn't seem to be too snobby at all! I think I'm really going to like it.