Monday, December 6, 2010

Charlie's First Week

Well, let me start by saying how FAST this week went! Whoa.  I know that I'm totally jumping ahead here, but before we know it he'll be a month old, a year old, starting kindergarten...It just all happens so fast.  A day here and there might seem drag on, but all of a sudden--BAM!  You have a 7 year old.  Can you believe...Delaney will be 7 on Sunday.  Yikes.

Charlie has had a fun and exciting first week.  We came home on Tuesday around 1:30 or so, and Charlie had his first "babysitter" that night.  Poppy watched him and Rowena while we went to Delaney's first grade performance, where the girls were cats and boys were dogs:

The rest of the week, we spent at home, just chillin and getting used to having four children, some more needy than others, and establishing a routine. We have noticed that Katie is wanting me more since Charlie's arrival, and Rowe is still attached to Peter.  All of the girls are great with Charlie and have been big helpers.  Rowe loves to check on him, share toys (and food and juice), and throw diapers away.  When I really need something, Delaney and Katie are both right there, willing to pitch in a helping hand.  They've been terrific. 


Charlie got to see snow fall for the first time this weekend, although, he will not partake in the snow fun this year.  The girls had a great time (will post on that later).  Nana also came to visit...we think she brought the snow with her from Iowa, for which I am grateful (yes, I LOVE snow).  Nana's visit was a fun and very relaxing one.  She treated us to every meal while she was here, so we ate really well and have leftovers to enjoy as well.  Rowe has really expanded on her words and would walk around the house looking for "Nananana." 

Charlie got a lot of new and gently used clothes his first week.  Nana and Grammie purchased a ton of new clothes.  A friend's cousin gave us a huge garbage bag full of boys' clothes as she had two boys and is now done with kids.  Our friends (Julie and Brian) who had tiny twins last December lent us all of their boy new born sized clothes and a few new outfits for Charlie.  They also gave us some food---YUMMY smoked pulled pork and two huge trays of baked mac-n-cheese.  The Osberghaus' stopped by on Saturday and gave each of the girls a gift--hair brushes and clips and such, and Charlie got about 4 outfits from them.  Andrea, a former co-worker of Peter, stopped by the morning after Charlie was born (in the hospital) and gave us some Bears onesies and a NB outfit.  Thank you SO much everyone!  I feel like I've been doing laundry all weekend...ahahahha.  Actually, I have been!  But, that's okay.  I appreciate everyone's generosity and Charlie is always dressed so cute. 

He has a lot of NB-sized clothes which is great because he's only weighing 6 lbs, 13 oz right now and the 0-3 month clothes are way too big on him.  He really gets lost in them!  And, he goes through 1-5 outfits a day, so I'm loving the amount of NB clothes we have for him.  I think I'll be doing laundry every day now with his clothes and Rowe's cloth diapers.  I'm not using cloth on Charlie yet because the smallest diapers we have are for 10-25 lbs...there's no way that will work on our little guy.

Oh, Charlie also had his first doctor's appointment this weekend.  On Saturday he got to meet Dr. Paul.  At almost 1 week, Charlie is still 5 oz under his birth weight.  He has another appointment on Wednesday for a re-weigh.  Dr. Paul said he looks great, no jaundice-phew, and his circ is looking great.  I'm hoping his cord will fall off soon, and then we can give him "real" baths.  Charlie currently hates baths, but he's so darn tiny and skinny, he just freezes since we can't let him just relax in the warm water (gotta keep that cord dry).

Last night, well, yesterday afternoon, we went over to Grammie and Poppy's.  It was the first time the whole family of SIX went for a ride together.  A little crazy, I have to say.  I might have to concede on our next car purchase and (wince, gulp) get a minivan (shudder).  Our Freestyle is looking a little cramped and I have NO idea how we will pack for long trips.  We'll get it down though...and I don't think we're going anywhere far away anytime soon.

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omg amy. i can't stop cracking up at the picture on the top w/ rowe topless.. she is tooooo much! i love her. soo funny and too cute!