Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lost In It All...My New Year's Resolution

I was just reading a friend's blog and realized I definitely do not utilize my time at home with my kids the way I should.  She has several recent posts on fun, easy craft projects she is doing with her 19 month old son.  It really is sad, but I'm glad I am having this realization, and it is my (early) New Year's Resolution to change how I spend my time.  I don't plan to take away from blogging, as it is my therapy as well as a way in which I journal about our life as a family (and I swear one day, when we are back on our feet again, I will turn this blog into a scrapbook--or several).  However, I plan to play more with my children and being creative. 

When it was just Delaney and Katie I did craft projects with them often, we would bake more frequently, and did excursions more regularily.  I think I got away from that with graduate school and the addition of Rowena.  Working, school, and three kids was a bit for me to juggle and made it difficult to maintain that fun, easy-going, creative mom-flow I had.  However, I'm done with school, am not working (well, not consistently), and Peter is home.  So, really, what is my excuse?  I have NO idea!  Yes, we have four now, but all the more reason for me to spend QUALITY time with them!  I plan to get started with this resolution next week...the girls will be home from school for two weeks and if I don't get creative, Katie and I might have a dual.

Here are some of the fun things in which I hope to get back to with my kids...
  • Wii Fit Challenges
  • Baking homemade cookies and cakes
  • Coloring
  • Craft projects
  • Board and card games
I need to refocus, get back in the "Mom" mode, and truly enjoy my time with my children. I think in order for me to do so, I need to get my butt off of Facebook...what a time sucker that website is!  I just have my FB page open, as well as my email, 24/7.  I don't get many personal emails, so I can keep that up and open, but FB just sucks me in, with reading statuses and looking at pictures, etc.  So, while I probably won't cancel my account/page, I do plan on only checking it once a week...I think I will dedicate a day in which to do so, otherwise I'll continue to be on it all the time.  And, I plan to map out my days better in order to play with Rowena a bit more, do fun, interactive things with Delaney and Katie, and to make most of my time with Charlie.  After all...they're only young once and as in the post below makes me realize...time goes so fast and soon, friends will be much more important and fun that Peter and I...I need to embrace the moments now and create wonderful, lasting memories--for them and for us!
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