Friday, December 31, 2010

No! Please Don't Go!!!

Delaney has such a hard time with saying "Good Bye" to people.  When Nana came to visit shortly after Charlie was born, she began crying and sobbing when it was time for Nana to leave.  When Wesley and Leann were leaving after Christmas, same thing...crying, sobbing, and continually asking "When will I ever see you again?"

So, when Joe went to leave and when Donna (who stopped by on Wednesday to meet Charlie) was leaving, Delaney added on another thing to her sobbing, tearful good byes.  She throws herself at their feet, crying "Please, please don't go!"  While she didn't throw herself at Meg's feet yesterday, she did hug her over and over again, almost on the verge of tears, asking "When will I ever see you again?"  And today, as we left my Mom's Club's Noon Year's Eve Party, she hugged all the moms asking them that same question.  So, to people she doesn't know very well, she still has difficulty saying "good bye" but add on some emotional, loving attachment, and she sobs and cries, almost beyond consolable, and now will throw herself at their feet, crying "Please don't go!  When will I ever see you again?"  She even got Rowena on the "Good Bye" madness...

Poor girl...
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Joe said...

I also loved Rowe's strategy of sitting on my suitcase so I couldn't go. Clever girl.