Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I love this time of year...cold days, beautiful snow falling, festive music, holiday decor, lights that brighten up early nights and dreary days, coffee and hot cocoa, egg nog, fires in the fire place, the spirit that fills the air...

Today we enjoyed decorating our tree, or as Katie likes to say, "Trimming our tree."  We started the morning with some very tasty donuts, yummy coffee (juice and milk for the girls), and some wonderful Christmas music.  The girls couldn't wait to start putting on ornaments.  Poor Kate had some difficulty getting some of the ornaments to hang but she stuck with it and did well.  Delaney loved it, and spent quite a bit of time on the ladder.  Rowe figured the tree was getting enough attention, so she decorated Charlie instead, who was awake for the festivities.

This is the first time Rowena hung an ornament
 Rowe has lots of love and affection for her baby brother!!!
 Delaney couldn't wait to dig into the ornaments.  We barely finished donuts before her and Kate rushed to the front room to get started. 
Katie tried the ladder once, but wasn't comfortable going up that high.  Delaney was a champ on it!
Poor Charlie was decorated by Rowena.

Katie was great at helping me out and being patient on getting the ornaments on the tree herself.
Delaney also put the ornaments on one of our avent calendars 
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