Sunday, December 26, 2010

Henderson Christmas #3: Nana's

On Christmas, around 2, Nana arrived...loaded with tons of tasty food, bottles of wine, and presents! 

The girls tried their hardest to be patient and wait for gift-giving time...but I think I lost count of them asking about it around 3:30.  The girls finally opened their gifts...




...and we let them play for about 2 hours before making them have dinner (cereal).  For dinner we had white chicken chilli and oven-warm bread along with shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs for appetizers.  Then it was time to get them ready for the hotel.  Joe got a hotel room for the girls, Nana, and him.  So around 7:30 everyone left me home with Charlie and Riggs to go swimming at the hotel.  Peter reported back to me that the girls had a blast.  Delaney being the fish we know her to be.  Katie being very brave and jumping in and swimming without someone by her side.  Rowe wanting to be independent and completely unphased if she went under.
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