Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho...Merry Christmas! Wait, you want MORE?!

I did it!  I had my first solo outing with all four kids, and not only did I survive, so did they!  ahahah.  Totally kidding...kind of.  No really.  They were amazing.  And, considering it was hot and crowded, and they had to wait in line for over 40 minutes, my kids were great.  Delaney and Katie were polite and played without fighting or getting into other people's space.  Rowe listened and didn't throw fits when I wouldn't let her wander off, and Charlie just slept. 

We went and saw Santa Claus at the mall yesterday.  They, as stated above, did wonderful!  I told the girls as we got closer that I needed just ONE nice picture, so we went over what they had to do...look at the camera and smile.  I didn't really care how Charlie and Rowe looked (in that I was not concerned about them looking at the camera or smiling), but they did great too (of course, Charlie just slept through the whole thing).  But, I told them they had to do the picture and then could go through their list with Santa.  I haven't actually seen a child with a physical list in years, if ever!  You know, the one they show in movies where a girl, or boy, sits on Santa's lap and reads off a list?  Well, Delaney did that.  It was really cute.  I heard, as I was getting Charlie and Rowena back into the stroller, the following conversation:

Delaney:  "I want LPS.  That's Littlest Pet Shop.  I want..."
Santa:  "More snow?"
Delaney:  "yeah"
Santa:  "And, you want MORE brothers and sisters?"Delaney: "yeah"
Santa:  "You don't have enough?"
Delaney:  "No.  I want more.  I want twins.  My sister wants Mommy to have triplets."
Santa:  "Oh.  What does Mommy want?"Delaney:  "I don't know.  I want..."

At this point, I stop listening, as I'm scared to what else might be on that list!!!

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Marcia said...

This picture is amazing! We unfortunately haven't been able to do Santa...this year or last... Jenna doesn't want to! Maybe next year!! Hugs to you!

Connie Krebs said...

Awesome photo mama!