Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thanks, AC...Our Christmas Angel

Due to our Christmas Angel, AC, we have had a better and more humbling Christmas than we could have imagined!  Yes, we discovered our Christmas Angel and since our first angel arrived 3 weeks ago (the one with all the gift cards), we have had several more.  AC submitted our name to a radio station that organizes a program to help individuals, couples, and families in need.  Due to this, and some others finding out about our situation, we have had a very overwhelmingly wonderful holiday!

We received the following:
  • Several gift cards from a family that wished to remain annoymous. 
  • The "Y" family sent us a gift card. 
  • Another family blessed our family with groceries and gifts for the kids, along with diapers and wipes. 
  •  Yesterday we received another gift card from an anonymous family. 
  • A few days ago a woman stopped by our home and left us with paper and bath products as well as an outdoor kitchen toy for the family and a few clothes for the girls. 

  • Then on 12/28, Santa and four elves came to our house, brought presents for all the kids...clothes, barbies, dolls, a game, book, stuffed animals, and a gift card.  After gifts, one of the elves read a story to the girls about Christmas. The girls thought it was really magical and amazing that Santa came to their house!

Thank you so very, VERY much, AC for thinking of us and allowing others to help our family out during this tough year. This whole experience was wonderful and we are truly grateful to the overwhelming generosity!

I can't wait to have our life back to normal and to pay it forward to a family...hoping that will be next Christmas.  Although the past 6 months have been kinda tough, emotionally and financially, this has been a good experience for me.  It has humbled me, reminded me of what is truly important in life, helped me prioritize better, and has given me a more grounded look at things.

THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH, are an amazing friend and a wonderful Christmas Angel!
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