Sunday, December 12, 2010

In Seven Years...

Seven Years Ago...A beautiful baby girl was born in Joliet...with lots of dark black hair and super pink skin.  She was tiny, and unexpectedly arrived 15 days early.  Her name was supposed to be Alexis Lorraine and be called Lexi.  The name didn't fit, so the baby girl went nameless for a night.  She arrived at 7:34pm on a Friday night, during the first snow fall of the season.  She was in NICU for 3 days, but came home on Monday, December 15th.  Her first Christmas tree was up but undecorated (her dad and Uncle went out to get one while Mom and baby were still at the hospital).  Her dog was excited to meet her.  Her name...


She was a quiet baby, making monster sounds and squeaks and grunts.  Barely a cry her first month.  She seemed laid back and loved to take everything in.  She preferred to be carried outward, not a cuddler at all.  She had a stubborn, independent streak in her from the beginning.  She preferred to be hanging out in her bouncy seat or swing over being held and cuddled.  She did enjoy people carrying her facing out and pacing the floor.  She took a long time to smile socially, but tracked things like crazy and always seemed to be concentrating.  While she didn't roll over until 6 months, she was walking like a pro at 9 1/2 months.  She was a pacifier baby, but gave up her bottle easily on New Year's Eve, just three weeks after turning one.

She preferred animals and cars over dolls.  She would line up her cars in a very specific order, and would get upset if one was out of place.  She would go crazy if she saw a dog, often imitating them by panting, barking, or crawling.  In fact, when near a tree, she would go up to it and lift her leg, just as her dog, Coltrane would do.

She has always loved school, starting at the age of 3 1/2.  She seemed to be a quick learner, but struggled at times with being bossy or not allowing others to get their way.  At school she never was out of line, always listening and learning, eagerly too.

In seven years, Delaney has grown into quite the young girl.  She is polite and generous, smart and sensitive.  She can cry at the drop of a hat yet be really strong for others.  She reads like crazy and is always asking questions to get more information.  She scores 100% on her achievement tests at school, and has great behavior at school.  Her teacher has also started to challenge her more.

At home, Delaney can get mean and bossy, but usually is friendly and a lot of fun.  She is helpful and prides herself on being the oldest and doing things that sometimes her siblings can't (like reach for something high, write, read, take showers, etc.).  She plays with her sister, Katie, a lot, usually school--using Barbies and their American Girl dolls as students.  They go through the motions from the bus stop all the way through a typical school day.  She loves video games and is quite good.  She also loves crafts, writing stories, reading, drawing and coloring, and watching movies.  She has become quite the food taster the past few months.  She recently discovered a love for Chinese and Mexican foods.  She is also great with her youngest sister, Rowena.  She often reads to her and shares toys and tries to play with her.  And, she loves Charles and prefers to call him just that.

As for her mom...well, I can't say I could be any prouder.  While I do lose my patience with her at times, she really is a sweetheart.  She is competitive yet sensitive, which can be a roller coaster combination.  She tends to balance it well, and I hope better than I ever she is a spitting image of me--physically and emotionally!  She is pretty amazing with a lot of spirit.  Much of her is still so innocent and I fear the loss of that with school friends and becoming more mature.

So...A Message for Delaney...
Happy Seventh Birthday, our sweet daughter!  We are so very proud of you.  You have a wonderful balance of spirit, independence, and compassion.  Your effort at school is amazing and we are so proud that you love school and do so well.  You remind us every day how wonderful you are with the little things you do.  From helping us out, to being silly, to being kind to your sisters, brother, neighbors, or friends.  We cannot believe that seven years have passed since you joined our family and lives.  The time has passed so quickly, and it saddens us at times.  You are becoming quite the young lady and if you continue on this path, you will be a wonderfully, amazing woman.  The road might fork into several paths, many of which are tempting, many of which are scary.  Just know...your family is here to support you, guide you, hold your hand, push you forward, and, most importantly, love you unconditionally.  We are so very, very proud to have you for a daugther.  Your smile lights up the room, your giggle is contagious, your competitive nature is inspiring, and your sensitive side is sweet and endearing.  We love you so very, very much!
With Love and Birthday Wishes...Mom and Dad! xoxoxo
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Alyssa said...

That is a beautiful post for your daughter.

All About Baby Boutique said...

Amy, you have me in tears. That is so touching! Definitely put that in her baby book!!!!

ReAnna said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl. :)