Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kind and Caring!

Last Thursday Delaney's Daisy Troop had their "Investature Ceremony."  It's where they say the Girl Scout Promise and pledge to be a good Daisy.  They receive a pin and then are to do three good deeds in order to flip their pin.  Delaney was very excited to do several good deeds when she got home.  Every time she did something, she would ask "Is this a good deed?" 

 A mom made these for all the girls...little daisy rice krispie treats...decorated with blue frosting.  how adorable is that!?
Beware...Proud Parent Alert!!!
Also, while at the ceremony, her troop leader tells me how Delaney was in the principal's office that day...getting her picture taken.  For what?  you might ask. Well, let this proud parent tell you!  Delaney's class voted on one girl and one boy for who is the most kind and caring classmate.  Come to find out...she is!  How amazing is that!?!  Her classmates think that she, Delaney, is the most kind and caring girl in her class.  I am so very proud of her!

Oh, and on a non-related note, here is a picture of Delaney's "Starry Night" drawing she did in art class:

One day she was at the table drawing with Katie and Peter asked her what she was drawing, and she simply replies: "Starry Night.  It's a painting by the artist Vincent Van Gogh."  She was very impressed to find out that Mommy and Daddy knew of both Van Gogh and his famous painting.  Then we showed her all of our Renoir prints around the house and how he is our favorite artist.  I think a trip to the Art Institute is in our near future...
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Beautiful! Both Delaney and the painting!!

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So Awesome.. :). I am totally stealing that rice Krispie Daisy.