Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed some of our favorite traditions.  However, this year it was a bit rushed, which equals edgy, impatient parents, and frustrated kids.  Thankfully that only lasted for the making of  Santa's cookies, which we didn't even get to decorating...which I guess was fine because he ate them anyway...


The rush was our dinner and baths came late and we could've done cookies earlier in the day but we allowed ourselves to be lazy and relaxed.

After all of this, the girls were excited to open their Christmas Eve gift.  The older two actually got to open two because one was their Christmas outfit, and we would have been lame parents had we only allowed them to open those.

We actually began with opening Delaney and Katie's gifts from their school's gift shop.  It's a really neat program they have set up.  The PTO goes to the Dollar Store and gets a lot of items and a wide variety.  Then each class gets to go to the "Gift Shop" and buy items for $1.25 each.  The younger students get their gifts wrapped in brown lunch bags with a Christmas gift tag.  This is what our girls purchased this year...

Delaney to Daddy:  Golf balls and tees                                Katie to Daddy: Baseball Cards
Delaney to Mommy: A #1 Mom necklace (yes, I cried)       Katie to Mommy: A candle
Delaney to Katie:  A water bottle                                        Katie to Charlie:  His first teady bear
Delaney to Rowe:  Bouncy balls                                          Katie to Riggs: A knotted rope



We were both impressed at how thoughtful their gifts were.  I was and am so very proud of their generosity and thoughtfulness!!!  Well done, girls.  *tear*

After we opened up the girls' gifts, we allowed them to open their Christmas outfits and then one more gift.  Delaney and Katie got these really cool dart guns...

And Rowena got her very own backpack!  And, extra points for it being Dora (with whom she is currently obsessed).



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