Friday, December 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home, Charlie

On Tuesday, Charlie was allowed to come home.  His billirubin level had climbed at the following 12-hour testing intervals: 1.6 (birth)-3.6 (12 hours)-5.6 (24 hours)-7.2 (36 hours).  The peditrician discharged him, telling us to keep an eye on him, make sure he's eating and pooping, and to follow up in one week.

So, Peter came back to the hospital, and around noon, we were on our way home.  Charlie did well, despite how cold the car felt.  It was a long ride home (in comparison to the girls' first ride home which was about 5 minutes). 

We got home and Katie screamed in delite!  Katie and I went shopping to get him some clothes, seeing as I have about 10 gender neutral outfits, and only pink blankets...see what I mean.  That's a boy underneath that pink blanket on me.  (This picture was taken Wednesday morning)

Charlie is adjusting well to life as a Henderson.  He has been sleeping well, cries seldomly (hopefully I didn't speak/type too soon), and eats like a champ.  He seems so super small to me.  He has long, skinny legs.  He cries when we change his diapers, and I think it's because the poor guy gets so cold.  I love the newborn clothes that were purchased and lent to us; they fit him so well, while the 0-3 month clothes just swim on him right now.  I'm sure by Christmas he'll have grown into those.

The girls love him.  Rowe has to make sure she knows where he is all the time. She tried to give him a bottle this morning, and wanted to share her dry cereal with him the other day.  Delaney is pretty sweet and continually calls him Charles.  Katie has lost some interest in him, but I think it's because she still wants the attention and time.  She is very nice and sweet with him.  I plan to take more pictures this weekend when (hopefully) things aren't so hectic.

In the are some shots of Charlie during his first couple days at home.

Meeting Riggs.  Riggs is pretty sweet.  He followed us around a lot on Tuesday while we carried Charlie. And, if Charlie is in the baby papasan, Riggs lays down right next to him.
 Sleeping so peacefully
Getting ready for his first bath at home...which he hated.  I think he might have been too cold.  Poor guy!
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Uncle Wes & Aunt Leann said...

Awesome pics Amy! Thanks for posting! We've been checking daily to see more pics of the little guy, keep em coming!