Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Rowe!

Rowe is such a doll.  She never fails to crack me up!  Not sure if Peter is feeling the same way right now.  Rowena will not leave her poor Daddy alone! :(  He hangs out with her SO much, yet it's still not enough.  She'll stand at the top of the stairs on the second floor or at the bottom of the steps in the basement and just says..."Come on, Dad, come on!"  And, if he doesn't get to her right away...she keeps it up, a little louder, and more frequently.  She's just so damn cute.  I really wish her vocabulary would increase, as it's so difficult to understand her wants and needs right now, especially because she knows what she wants, she just can't articulate it.

Rowe, I ask that you try a little harder to use real words.  I have heard you answer Dora in perfect Spanish and wonder why it is that you refuse to talk to your family members in English.  And, please, I beg of you...give Daddy a break.  He really deserves a little down time!  Until then, I will enjoy all of your chubby cuteness...

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