Saturday, July 3, 2010

Connie's Amazing Work

So, what do you think? I am so happy with the new look! I love it. For one--it's very original and unique. Second, it incorporates so much about us, our style, and, well, I just love the flow and look of it all! I honestly have NO complaints! Connie was GREAT to work with. Her and I were emailing back and forth pretty consistently last night for a few hours. She always made sure to check in with me with the look and did all of my requests.

So, for those who may be interested, check out either of her two blogs:

The first is her blog, the second is her studio where she tests out different blog layouts and features.

Now I'll share what she did, in case you're interested:
1. Picked out a new background (check out
2. Designed the following elements: header, labels, blog button, footer graphic, signature, post divider, picture frames, and comment graphic.
3. Installed and rearranged all the elements
4. Adjusted font, font colors, blog width, and other basic elements to flow with all the other designs
5. Created and installed Favicon

Sounds easy? Yeah, I don't think so either! So, thank you SOOO much, Connie, for all of your hard and quick work. I love it so much! And, you were excellent to work with!

If YOU are interested in a blog makeover, I highly recommend Connie. She's fun and easy to work with and she'll work nicely with any style! So, either let me know, or contact Connie via her blog(s).

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Marnie said...

I love you new look, since you update your blog so frequenly you really deserved a make-over. Congrats on your win. Looks Great

Brian said...

lookin good sis