Monday, July 12, 2010

Hayes Family Reunion 2010

Here are some of the many pictures taken at the Hayes family reunion.

We began Saturday at Jim Hayes' home in Iowa City. This was also the home of the American artist, Grant Wood. The home is breathtaking and words cannot really describe it! Kids couldn't wait to get into the pool.
With Nana, enjoying a homemade ice cream sundae, with LOTS of toppings!Very excited to see and swim with Uncle Dan-Dan
Finally Uncle Joe and Grace arrived. The girls screamed when they walked up!
Onto dinner at The University Athletic Club
We didn't make it to get professional family pictures taken, but we got some great ones together before dinner.
Katie and her look-a-like, Uncle Dan-Dan
Nana with her girls
Dan and his neices
JAZZ HANDS!---Grace is so much fun!
I love this picture!!!
Aren't we just a gorgeous couple?
Joe and Gracie. I'm sad this picture is so dark. What a happy, good-looking couple!

Crazy Brothers!

Yea! A nice picture of the boys for Nancy!
After dinner, it was time for the Irish band. They were very well-received...especially by the kids! I think Rowena was their #1 fan. She rarely left the dance floor!
Enjoying some dessert, taking a dancing break
Nancy and her siblings: Mary Sue (Aunt MiMi) and Mike
Jim and his sister, Kathleen doing the Irish JigFinally getting tired...Of course, it was close to 10:30!
an you tell they all really enjoyed their night?!
Giving High-5's
The Hayes Cousins. Mike's boys and Nancy's boys: Andy, Peter, Ryan, Joe, and Dan
Unwinding at Nancy's after the party. We were able to change Rowena into her pj's without her waking at all! She was beat!
Getting ready to play a new game. Thanks, Grace, for introducing a new, awesome game and having us laugh our ass off!!!
Katie enjoying a princess breakfast Sunday morning.
Reading her new book with Uncle Dan and Grace
Silly girl!
Watching old home videos of when the boys were babies.
We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed very tasty food, wonderful company, and many laughs!
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