Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Summer Garden

Oh, how I love summer and gardens! We have only had our raspberry patch for hte past 5-6 I was very excited about starting another garden. We had a couple tomato plants from Pete's dad and planted seeds for another, since one plant didn't make it. We also planted carrots, cantelop, watermelon, assorted hot peppers, and pumpkins. Yesterday I picked our first two tomatoes, and they were so yummy. There is something super tasty about fresh, garden-grown fruits and veggies...especially from your own garden. I'm really looking forward to the rest of our "crop" this summer. Next year we're going to expand a little, and I'm hoping for bell peppers, artichokes, and asparagas. We have over 10 tomatoes growing right now...I'm just waiting for them to ripen.
A closer look at our carrots and either cantelop or watermelon (we can remember which is which).
Behind the shed is our pumpkin patch...should get a LOT for decorations for Halloween this year.
The "main" part of the garden.

What does your family have in your garden or do you have any suggestions or MUST TRYs for us for next year?
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Marcia said...

I've been wanting to do a garden! I like how you have it around your shed! Great idea! And such fun things growing! I can't wait to see how all the crop turns out!

Patty said...

To help you out, the carrots are the small leaf plants and the cantaloupe is the larger leaf with the blossoms. How wonderful and great for the kids to learn all about fresh veggies!! I have a topsy turvy tomato tree, it's doing ok, and I have three large tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes along with basil, oregano and cilantro growing.

Amy said...

ahaha-THANKS, GAP! :) I did forget that next year we want to do a herb garden in a long planter on the deck. Our neighbors are doing that this year, and I'm bummed we didn't start. Fresh herbs...gosh, I just love gardening.
And, Marcia--thanks. Around our shed was the only place we could clean out and get ready in time. Plus, I don't want to use any more of our "yard" as our berry patch, the girls' place house and swingset take up so much room.