Thursday, July 8, 2010

The William Glasser Institute's International Conference

If you've read any of the past few posts, you know that I am currently in Tennessee with my good friend, Barb. We are at the International Conference for the William Glasser Institute. The hospitality at this conference has been beyond amazing! The food has been great, and the people are wonderful. Everyone here has been so nice and friendly. We've had a great time, and I am SOOO sad we have to leave the conference tomorrow before it ends!

This morning we were up early and got to the conference before the keynote speaker, Bob Wubbolding--another pretty famous person in the world of Reality Therapy. was on for our presentation...We did GREAT! We had so many people want to come to our session, and we had such an active, lively group. We actually ran out of time and weren't able to do all of our planned activities. But, that's okay because I'd rather have too much planned than not enough. I presented alongside my friend, Barb, and our mentor, Dr. Pat Robey. She has been instrumental in my masters program for me! Such a positive, uplifting person who has made a tremendous difference in my life.

After our presentation, we had a tasty lunch, followed by going through our gift basket the conference committee gave us as a "thank you." Then we went to another workshop before Barb and I headed to the local mall...we both left disappointed without a new handbag (but I did get three very cute bookmarks for the girls, and a new key chain for me). Then back to the hotel for me to work on MORE homework. And, then, back to the conference for dinner and another session. The sessions I went to were amazing. One incorporated the teachings and research of John Gottman with Choice Theory and the other was on cultural diversity. The conference has truly been GREAT and I'm so glad I got and took this opportunity, and that I was able to spend it with amazing people!

Pics from our experience:

James Dean Hicks, Barb, Richard Lee, Me, & Marc Beeson (these are number one song writers of country songs). These three did an amazing performance and Barb and I actually enjoyed country music for the night. Oh, and Barb purchased a cd for me of my fave (Marc).
Me, Dr. Robey, and Barb right after our presentation: "Playful Counseling Approaches that Access the Inner World of Clients."Me and Barb with our "thank you" basketMe and Dr. Robey with the "thank you" basket.Me at the BBQ dinner tonight. I want this hat SO bad! Dr. Robey might be able to get it for me.
All in all, a GREAT time...and looking forward to the next one. However, I am also looking forward to being with my family again (late, very late, tomorrow night).
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Patty said...

So glad you are having an amazing time. I loved Franklin when I was there in May, TN is a great state and yes it even makes country music fun. Safe travels home and to Iowa.

Jessica J said...

Looks like a wonderful conference. Do you ever slow down? My goodness.