Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Met Dr. William Glasser!

The conference I'm at in Tennesse is for Choice Theory/Reality Therapy. The founder, or father of this theory is now 85 years old and is still travelling and doing speeches (although not nearly as frequently as in the past). Well, as Barb and I were checking into the conference today, he walked up and sat down. Now, DARN ME for not having a book with me at the time, but I'll promise you, I will the rest of the time...and hopefully can have it autographed. Thankfully Barb has a good camera on her phone and here's a picture:
I have met so many amazing people in this circle, and have 3 books autographed by the authors. It's a great theory and a wonderful way to live life. I'm excited to sit through the various sessions I choose today as I looked through my workshop catalog. The best thing--we got a personalize bag and inside had a cd as well as a bound book of all the handouts to each presentation. So, if there are two I want to attend at the same time, I still have resources from the one I couldn't make it to! Well done, Glasser Institute! So welcoming here.

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Anonymous said...

I actually know who that is! Glad your conference is going well!