Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Katie

We had a fun-filled day for Katie's 5th birthday. A full, long day with the family (Sunday is her party). We started the day, once everyone was up and dressed, by going to Brookfield Zoo. Katie wanted to wear her birthday dress she got from Nana, as well as her birthday crown. The family treking through Brookfield. The day started out overcast with a slightly cool breeze...we had spurts of rain, both light and heavy, and then the sun came out and it was hot and humid.
After a long walk around Bear Grotto, and taking the wrong detour path, but getting to see my fave animals in the tree (the Tamarin Lion Monkey), we had a picnic at a park (one we've never played at). The girls ate their sammies and chips well, then played for a while.
Oh, and the girls found a really cool worm
After a while we took an ice cream break...and Rowe was disgusting, but they enjoyed it.
They loved the Swamp...Delaney was so excited, as was Kate, to watch the otter, "Flipper", swim.
Then we went home and relaxed for a bit. Girls drew and colored while Rowe napped and Mom and Dad rested--it was a long, hot day. After dinner, Grammie and Poppy came over for presents and cake. Katie LOVED her Peach doll she got from Delaney...
She also got a bride and groom Barbie and Ken, a Peach princess lunch box (even though she won't need it for school this year, as she has half-day kindergarten), Teen Titans, Season 4 (or, as Kate says "Teen Teeny"), and a from Grammie and Poppy she got Shrek, the Musical day, a shirt from there, and an outfit for her Kit (American Girl) doll.

Next it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and have cake and ice cream. Can I just tell you how overwhelming a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting is!? Wow. Thankfully Grammie and Poppy brought over vanilla ice cream. Kate picked out what she wanted, but I don't think she liked it too much, Poppy couldn't finish his piece, and Peter ended up having 2 more pieces throughout the night...when asked how could he, he responded (with a mouth full of cake) "What? It's cake!"

I think Katie had a wonderful birthday. She ended the day with the neighbors, who had been gone for over 5 days at WI Dells. And, before we went inside for the night, Katie requested the neighbors sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Too funny!
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Jessica J said...
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Jessica J said...

Ooops deleted that first comment...let's try that again.
Happy Birthday to Katie, looks like a great day. I love the cupcake adorable. Grace wants a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting for her bday (which isn't until Dec). She is most excited to start Kdg because it gets her closer to her bday.

Shari said...

I really like her birthday dress. I have a weakness for all things cupcake. :) Did grandma make that or buy it?

Amy said...

Shari-Her Nana purchased it, and I believe at Kohls.