Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gone From Home...

I drove with a good friend, Barb, yesterday to Nashville, Tennesse. We are here for the International Glasser Institute Conference (Choice Theory/Reality Therapy). We are very excited and honored that we will presenting in the morning, along with our professor, Dr. Robey, on using an experiential approach with choice theory and talking through the metaphor in order to join with our clients, help our clients, and facilitate change. We present at the first slot at 10:30 a.m. for 90 minutes. I'm happy to have this slot for the fact that we're done and over with. It also works out for my schedule in that we are leaving Friday after the morning conference so we (the Hendersons) can get to Iowa for the Hayes Family Reunion. Sadly due to my work load for school, I won't be doing much site seeing in this amazing, historic town!

So, as I left yesterday I kissed Delaney and Katie goodbye while they were in the neighbors pool. Katie didn't linger or tell me she didn't want me to go as she usually does when I just leave for a day of work. Delaney was completely fine with me leaving. Rowena was busy playing with her Dora kitchen in the basement, so after giving me kiss and me taking a second, she was more than ready to get down and finish "cooking." I think it was good everyone was preoccupied as it made it easier to go.

Barb and I ventured out a little after 4pm and arrived around 12:30am. The trip wasn't bad, and there was hardly a moment of silence. We've always been good travelling partners (we also drove to Springfield together to present at ICA last fall).

Here I sit in the dark hotel room as Barb continues to sleep (Housekeeping woke me up), deciding what homework to work on first. I became extremely discouraged last night (i.e. early a.m. when we arrived here) to check my email and see ALL the corrections I have to do on two assignments. I'm frustrated, angry, and sad. I have to make all of these corrections asap and send them back to my professor. And, I STILL have so much to do for first drafts! A second 10-page Case Assessment, and hour long transcript (which takes about 20 hours to do--thankfully I'm 1/2 done), a critique of said transcript, and a paper on the theories I used with my clients and how I used it (according to my transcript). I am NOT looking forward to this. Thankfully my prof is wonderful in that she gives back honest feedback and corrections to do, so I can improve my work (which I have to in order to pass). However, the deadline to have everything "good enough" to go to the committee is 7/21. That is TWO weeks, or FOURTEEN DAYS from now. Not a lot of time to get all that done in order to get my drafts back and make corrections. Keep in mind that I'm gone from Tuesday (yesterday) until late Sunday with very little time to work and focus on this. I'm scared that at this point, so close to the end, I will not be able to get everything done in order to defend my work (portfolio) in front of the committee (made of three professors) to graduate in August. Wish me luck, because I'm gonna need it! That being said, I'm off to Panera to get a coffee and start my work. I have 2 hours before needing to leave for pre-conference workshops.

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Cosentino's said...

you can only take it one day at a always feels like there isnt enough time, but keep pushing along

Marcia said...

One day at a time for sure! And just give it your all and you will do it! I wish I could help! Hugs to you though! Relax and just do it like you have been!!