Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day at the Shedd

We headed to the Shedd Aquarium yesterday--since our membership is up in just a week. Delaney headed to Iowa to visit her Nana from Friday-Monday, so Poppy and I took Katie and Rowena to the city. It was pretty cloudy/overcast, but bright at the same time. We parked near the lake/Planetarium and walked along the lake to our destination. Katie and Poppy enjoyed walking right near the lake. We enjoyed the aquarium, our favorite spots being the Coral Reef and the lowest level under the dolphin show--to play in the water. We planned to watch the dolphin show, but it wasn't until 2:30 and we didn't care to fight Friday-city rush hour traffic. Kate was disappointed, but I would like to renew our membership--too bad it cost $20 to park each time we go! :(

Such a gorgeous city! Poppy and Kate
Checking out the turtles and sting-rays--Rowena and Poppy
Oooh, Mom, did you see that!?
Katie loved the huge turtle!
The HUGE turtle (the picture definitely does not do it justice)
Rowe taking a break out of her stroller, enjoying the bench.
Katie running away to avoid getting splashed
Girls checking out a porcupine blowfish...Katie was pretty excited to find out that Peter and I used to have 2 in our aquarium.
She had SUCH a blast!
Isn't she just too pretty!? She keeps looking older and older to me!
Moving the shells around
And enjoying!Discovering
And enjoying!
Making a wish (before and after the aquarium)
Not the best picture of me, but I LOVE Kate in this!
We had a GREAT day! Thanks, Poppy for the parking and lunch.
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