Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shrek, The Musical!

On Sunday we ventured to Chicago to watch Shrek, the Musical! It was a great production and wonderful performance. My favorite was Donkey, while Peter and Katie loved Fiona and Grammie and Delaney's favorite was the dragon (which was amazing). Grammie and Poppy treated us for the day, for Katie's FIFTH birthday (which is just around the corner). We've had this day planned for almost six months.

We went to the city after leaving Rowena with her first-ever non-family babysitter. Her report was great, and we have a wonderful babysitter in a neighbor, Sarah, who will be a freshman in the fall. Once we got to the city, we walked for about 4-5 blocks to a McDonald's for lunch, then back to the theater. We were about 30 minutes early, so the girls and I went and watched the Orchestra, who were so nice and were talking with the girls. Then we sat and got ready for the show. The sets were awesome, very colorful and fun. The music was good and the acting was very entertaining. It was well done for children and adults to remain intrested and entertained throughout the show. The girls each picked out a gift--the Fiona palace shirt, we got a onesie, and a Gingie puppet too.

After the show, we headed home and picked up Rowena to go to dinner at Outback. Oh my was that delish! I had crab legs, which I've been wanting for a while and they were delish! Rowe entertained some other diners, the girls behaved so well by coloring, talking and eating a very good mac-n-cheese dinner with lots of bread. Everyone had a wonderful day, with tasty food and colorful entertainment! THANKS GRAMMIE AND POPPY!
Thanks to Grammie and Poppy, we had a great time.
Delaney and Katie...practicing their Shrek roars. They LOVED the show. We were so impressed at how Kate sat so still through the production. Delaney loved it too, but would talk here and there and was a little antsy.
Henderson Family after Shrek at Cadillac Palace
Katie hanging out the next day, in her new Shrek night-shirt. Doesn't she just look HUGE here? (meaning, tall, old, long, etc.)
It was a WONDERFUL weekend, and helped me balance the stress of my intense schoolwork and fun, relaxing time with the family.
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Jessica J said...

Sounds like a great weekend. When I saw these commercials, I wasn't sure what to expect. But, sounds pretty good. I love good musicals.

Me! said...

What a great musical! Your girl is long and lanky like my oldest is... all legs! Love the photo of your family!